Remote Backup

Why should you protect your data with a remote backup service?


  • It is a fact that all data storage devices will fail at some point.
  • It is typically when you are most busy, storing the most critical data, when you are most unlikely to run your backups and this is also when your hardware is most likely to fail.
  • Vital files like tax returns, invoices, inventory, correspondence, will all have cost you money and time to create, and would be costly and time consuming to replace, if they can be re-created at all.
  • Many companies don’t adequately protect against Fire (a major fire will typically destroy all computers and local backups), Failure (which can happen at any time), Theft (thieves could potentially take all electronic items from your business premises, including any local backup drives) and Flood (which, like fire, can destroy all computers and backups.)


Causes of Data Loss

Causes of Data Loss

Source: “Ontrack” online survey, 2002.

Mica Electronics’ remote storage solution protects against all of these risks by having a copy of your vital files in another geographical location.

It will automatically collect, encrypt and securely transfer a copy of any folders and files that have been chosen at the initial set-up stage.

Note: No data is ever 100% protected from loss, but your aim should be to get as close to 100% protection as you can.

Either call or email to arrange a site visit or to discuss your unique requirements.

We will work with you to identify what data is important to you and to locate where this is stored on your computer(s). Then the backup client software is installed and configured to securely encrypt and transfer those files to the remote storage location. From this point on, all is automated.

To see a break down of the costs, please see here.