Preventive Maintenance

Q: Why would you want to set up a scheduled preventive maintenance plan?

A: The best way to keep any equipment running smoothly is to inspect it at regular intervals; looking for key signs of problems, or early deterioration.

A parallel example would be a car service:

You would expect items like a car’s brakes to be inspected regularly and a mechanic to recommend when to replace them as needed. You wouldn’t wait until your brakes failed. Aside from the obvious safety aspect of that scenario (which can be compared to a total loss of possibly irreplaceable data on a computer) waiting until this point would always cost more to fix due to the consequential damages and would cause far more disruption to the running of your business than planned services at the correct intervals.

All computers in your work place can have maintenance checks at times set to suit your busy schedule.

Remote Access – Computer Servicing Via The Internet

The most efficient and least disruptive method we can use to service your computers is to remotely monitor and control each one. Most of the computer’s functions can be accessed, and necessary corrections can be made, without the user needing to take any part, if they prefer, and without the computer having to be moved to our premises or a site visit having to take place.

What, exactly, does remote access entail?

Mica Electronics would take control of your machine, via the Internet, from our base location.

We are able to see all diagnostic reports, memory usage, error logs, etc., and remotely view what you can also see on your screen. We can move your mouse, run programs, change settings, install security applications and scan the computer for threats. This would allow us to remove viruses remotely, speed up the overall performance of the machine and fix various software faults. We would also be able to diagnose many hardware faults remotely, but obviously anything that is found to be showing signs of failing, via this remote monitoring method, would still need a site visit to repair/replace.

While we are servicing the PC, notification will be shown on the screen and the customer can watch everything that is being done.

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